Additional Membership Payment Options

Hi Everyone,

For all users to enjoy the membership benefits, new payment options have been introduced. These new additional payment options, does not allow recurring payments, but instead give an option to register for a particular type of membership level using one time payment option.

The level of membership access will remain same for all Silver and Gold members, irrespective of which payment plan they use.

Following are all the payment options available to join as Silver or Gold membership in the site.

Silver MembershipGold Membership
Silver (Recurring Every Month)Gold (Recurring Every Month)
Silver – One MonthGold – One Month
Silver – 3 Months MembershipGold – 3 Months Membership
Silver – 6 Months MembershipGold – 6 Months Membership
Silver – 1 Year MembershipGold – 1 Year Membership

Please note all the membership options are still NON-REFUNDABLE and the access will be provided instantly as soon as the payment is completed. Please plan to access the membership payment plan that best suits your requirements. You can always email at , in case you have any question regarding different payment options.

Note: Those who do not want to use PayPal as payment option, can directly contact at for alternative payment option.

Thank you everyone for your kind support.

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2 months ago

how can i pay using paypal?
Cant find the link.