How to Post Images in Comments

Hi Everyone,

This article will explain simple and easy steps to post images in the comments section of any article, post, page and discussion board in the website. After following these simple steps, all site users should be able to post images as part of their comments.

All users are encouraged to follow these simple steps to post images (as needed) to effectively communicate with others users while sharing their ideas to collaborate together effectively.

Detailed Steps to Post Image(s) in the Comments

Step #Step DetailsDetailed Screenshot
1Go to the website

2Click on the “Choose Images” button, that will allow all users to select any image for posting.
3Select the Appropriate Image from your laptop / Image gallery
4Once the image is selected, you will get an option to simply copy the Direct Link of the Image.
5Users then simply Copy this link in the comments and the image will be available to view by all site visitors.
6When users will post their comment, the comment with the image will appear in the comments section.

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1 year ago

comment image Help me out please