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Please select the Game Type, Month, Year and then Click SUBMIT button, to generate the Monthly View of selected PICK 3 and PICK 4 game.

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Useful Information

  • Select State of you choice of the available drop down.
    • The drop down shows list of all the states for which the lottery games are available.
    • The Selected State will be used to collect all statistics and analytical information.
  • Game Type
    • This option can be used to select the type of game.
    • Depending on the Type of Analytic information, the system will require you to select one of these possible options:
      • Pick 3 Game Only
      • Pick 4 Game Only
      • Both Pick 3 and Pick 4 Combined.
  • Draw Time(s)
    • This option can be used to filter the results by specific Draw Time OR Combine all Draws together.
    • Possible Options include the following:
      • Morning Draws Only
      • Midday Draws Only
      • Evening Draws Only
      • Night Draws Only
      • All Draws – This option includes all draws.
    • Not all options might be applicable to all states, so please select appropriate option based on your state.
  • Time Period
    • Please use this option to select the Time Period Range for which you want the analytical results to be displayed.
    • The Time Period varies from past 15 Days up-to 3 Years depending on specific type of analytical tool.
  • Analysis Type
    • This option will allow the users to select the appropriate analytical tool to display the results based on the selected Filter Options.