PICK 3 & PICK 4 – Winning Numbers Strategy

Hi Everyone,

Please find some of the well known strategy used by Lottery players in all the states while picking the numbers. I will continue to add new strategies in this list as I will learn from you all. Please feel free to use the comment section to add additional strategies, and I will capture them in the main list. Hopefully this will help PICK 3 & PICK 4 players across all states to apply well-known strategies while selecting their numbers and continue to WIN.

Disclaimer: Not all strategies will work in every State, Please backtest for your state, and only afterwards, use the ones which are most appropriate for your state.

Rules for Winning Numbers

Rule #Rule Information
1Number 0 often follows the Pair 89 within few draws
2After Number 0, Look for Pair 24 or Pair 63.
3Make Doubles out of last drawing with Number 0; Day to Day & Night to Night.
4Pair 00 often brings Pair 66 & Pair 63.
5Pair 01 usually brings Pair 32 & Pair 28.
6Pair 03 brings Pair 59.
7Pair 04 often triggers Doubles
8After Pair 09, Look for Pair 78.
9Pair 11 brings a Series and often Pair 00
10Pair 23 brings either a Number 6, Number 9 OR Both within the next couple draws.
11Pair 25 Repeats itself OR brings Pair 13.
12Pair 34 produce a DOUBLE within the next 2 draws.
13Pair 36 brings a DOUBLE.
14Pair 44 often brings the Number 6.
15Pair 47 Often Triggers DOUBLES.
16After Pair 49, Look for the Number 7.
17Pair 54 often brings Pair 00.
18Pair 56 often brings Number 3 and/or Pair 37.
19After Pair 57, Look for a Number 0 or Number 9.
20After Pair 58, Look for Pair 78 and/or Pair 30 to follow.
21Pair 89 brings Number 0 AND also likes to travel with Pair 25.
22After Pair 93, Look for Pair 57.
23After a DOUBLE is dropped, Look for Numbers 3, 4, 8 within couple of draws.
24SUM 5 in Evening Draw will bring Pair 46 in Next Draw.
253 ODD Numbers often bring False Trips or Trips.
26A Trip in Pick 4, brings a Series in Pick 3 and Pick 4.
27Pair 66 brings following Pairs – Pair 35, Pair 38 & Pair 58.
28Pair 77 brings following Pairs – Pair 24, Pair 29 & Pair 49.
29777 In Any State brings 989 in PICK 3 and/or PICK 4.
30Pair 33 will often bring Pair 88.
31Pair 83 brings Pair 33 within few draws.
32SUM 14 & SUM 13 : Watch for False Trips and More DOUBLES.
33Series brings Series, False Trips and Trips.
34False Trips could bring Another False Trip or a Trip.
35219 Travels with 236.
36236 Travels with 217.

Additional Rules for Winning Numbers

Rule Information
Pair 01 and Pair 89 follow each other.
If Number 7 is drawn, then look for Number 0 to follow.
Number 0 brings Number 3 or Number 6 , or another Number 0
After Number 1 is drawn, Look for the following: Number 7, Number 4, Pair 17 and Pair 14.
The following sets are often drawn together: 2 & 6 , 5 & 2, 7 & 2.
Look for Number 3 in the draw after 9 consecutive draws.
After Number 4 is drawn, Look for the following: Number 8, Pair 84, Pair 41 & Pair 81.
After Number 5 is drawn , look for Number 7 to follow.
The following number sets are usually drawn together : 7 & 55 & 2, 7 & 0, 7 & 1
After Number 6 is drawn, look for Number 2 or Number 3 to follow.
After Number 9 is drawn, then look for a Number 3 or Number 7 to follow.

Number Follower Rules for Winning Numbers

Number Follower Rule(s)
Number 495 & 650 follow each other.
Number 819 & 663 follow each other.
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1 year ago

what pick 4 will hit in Georgia for Midday

1 year ago

This is one of the best sites for understanding how numbers play with you. The number is the boss and you must work for them to help you. If it is not fun then change your mindset. Don’t lose faith. Don’t bet the house on it. Set in and enjoy the moments and share your winnings.

1 year ago
Reply to  LaEaDa963

Thanks for the kind comments and good luck.

2 years ago

Great Info!!!

3 years ago

how do I get into the good member area

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Hi Marvin, you are already there!
Explore everything, you will be amazed at all the tools!
Happy winnings and good luck!

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If I could get a “Life time membership”, I sure would! Always finding new information and great tools!

3 years ago

Happy Holidays to all. I am now investigating Mirror States Pick4 to pull winning Pick3 numbers within 2 days. Looks promising. Good luck everyone.

3 years ago
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Thanks for sharing and good luck. Happy holidays to you as well.

3 years ago

These are all great!!!!!

3 years ago
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Good Luck.

Theresa Ward
Theresa Ward
124 years ago

NC 899 hit last night…what will hit today?